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For Hands Vier Hände

for Patrick David Wood


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“My God! What has sound got to do with music?”

Gesture and relationship as compositional materials in two pieces by Christian Wolff


Presentation, 28 September 2015

Christian Wolff Study Days


Orpheus Institute, Ghent, Belgium

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Listening to Birds in Flight:

Sonification of Migration Pathway Data

Presentation, 11 July 2014

eBird.0rg data                                                                                                                                    with collaborators Sharinne Sukhnanand and Daniel Fink                                                      Cornell Lab of Ornithology


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Humpback Whales: Composers of the Sea

19 May 2014

Presentation, with Katy Payne, who, through listening, discovered the evolving patterns of humpback song…

Monday Night Seminar, Cornell Lab of Ornithology


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Erasing the Glitch

5 March 2014

Invited Speaker

Colloquia, cDACT (Consortium for Digital Arts, Culture and Technology), Simons Center for Geometry and Physics Auditorium, Stony Brook University

f(Glitch) – The Function of Glitch

Our perception of what is a “glitch” may depend on the history and on the purposes of our listening. Through accumulating deeper, focused listening experiences, and through examining and exploring our motivations for listening to specific musics and sounds, we may find that glitches come and go, their existence being dependent upon our interests as listeners. This presentation investigates several contrasting approaches to listening and illustrates ways in which specific glitches may appear and disappear within them.


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Listeners Are Observers and Musicians

13 July 2013

Invited Presentation                                                                                                                 Deep Listening to African Forest elephants, presented in collaboration with Katy Payne

And contributions as an invited panelist to                                                                             Round Table: Hearing vs. Listening, Artistic and Scientific Perspectives       along with Pauline Oliveros, Seth Horowitz, China Blue, Chris Chafe,                                  and moderator Lance Brunner


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Animal Transcriptions: Listening to the Lab of Ornithology

In March 2013′s Sounding Out!,                                                                                         ecopoet Jonathan Skinner converses with a number of us at the Lab of Ornithology who have worked with animal sounds.

“Poetry might help us to use, study, and deploy animal morphologies in ways that hope to better, rather than merely exploit, the human relation with such life forms, if not to improve the welfare of the species themselves. As Katy Payne, Mike Webster and others suggest, when we speak of animal “song,” we bring metaphors from the arts of poetry and music to complement our limited scientific understanding of the intricacies of animal communication.”


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Dawn’s Chorus

for Cheryl Gobbetti Hoffmann

Leonardo Music Journal 22: Acoustics

December 2012



Made from animal sound recordings…

               a utility aMong


                     is theiR


                            thEy produce it mid-air

            to avoid coLliding.

—John Cage, 32 Mesostics re and not re Marcel Duchamp


* the issue’s editor is composer Daniel J. Wolf of Material Press, who is also an entertaining and enlightening Facebook friend…

* * * * * * * * * *

Ellen Fullman and Theresa Wong come to visit Ithaca in February. Ellen’s article is in Leonardo’s Acoustics issue also. Here are some sonic images from her Long String Instrument… (coming soon)

Also, Angelin Chang performed Messiaen’s piano piece l’Alouette Lulu from Catalogue d’Oiseaux with my Raven spectrograms visually illustrating connections between the structures of this bird’s vocalizations and structures of the piano composition. See more here.

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Chambers and Zilkha Gallery exhibition and photos

Chambers and Alvin Lucier

November 2011

“A patron listens to the sound of Arctic and New York Bight whales inside a Conch Shell from Bali, submitted by Ann Warde MA ’85 as part of the installation “Chambers: In Honor of Alvin Lucier, sound in large and small resonant environments” (1968). This new version of “Chambers” is a compilation of individual works, each submitted as a tribute to Lucier by his former students. Lucier himself contributed a thimble with audio of the Cologne Hauptbahnhof, a well-known component of his earlier “Chambers.” Ron Kuivila, professor of music, and a former student of Lucier, organized this installation.”    More

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