The Spaces of Animal Voices

This year I’m at the Contemporary Music Research Centre, at the University of York, in the UK, investigating ways to listen to spatial interactions among animal sounds, and to how sound changes as it travels through air and water.
And, how might music composition facilitate an exploration of our perception of animal voices and our connections to them?
Listen to Dawn’s Chorus here
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Subjectivity, and Scientific Listening


Scientific Listening: Radical Perception?

Sound Installation:

Scientific Listening: Radically Different Perceptions

24-25 Feb 2016
Orpheus Institute Seminar: Performance, Subjectivity and Experimentation in Artistic Research


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Scientific Listening

Scientific Listening:
Representing and Exploring Dynamic Animal Soundscapes

Presentation (interim report) about my current Fulbright project.
13 Jan 2016
Research Seminar, Rymer Auditorium, Contemporary Music Research Centre, University of York

ScientificListening_ResearchSeminar_13Jan2016_York.009ScientificListening_ResearchSeminar_13Jan2016_York.018elephantScientificListening_ResearchSeminar_13Jan2016_York.007 —————————————————————————————————————————

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For Hands Vier Hände

for Patrick David Wood


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“My God! What has sound got to do with music?”

Gesture and relationship as compositional materials in two pieces by Christian Wolff

Discussion of Wolff’s “Dark As A Dungeon” and “Edges”


Merle Haggard: Dark as a Dungeon
Presentation, 28 September 2015
Christian Wolff Study Days
Orpheus Institute, Ghent, Belgium


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Enigmatic Findings

Enigmatic Findings: Discovering Large Cetacean Vocalizations

Presentation in the panel “Listening to Nature: The Sounds of Conservation”

American Society for Environmental History


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Listening to Birds in Flight:

Sonification of Migration Pathway Data

Presentation, 11 July 2014
eBird.0rg data
with collaborators Sharinne Sukhnanand and Daniel Fink
Cornell Lab of Ornithology


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Humpback Whales: Composers of the Sea

19 May 2014
Presentation, with Katy Payne, who, through listening, discovered the evolving patterns of humpback song…
Monday Night Seminar, Cornell Lab of Ornithology


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Erasing the Glitch

5 March 2014
Invited Speaker
Colloquia, cDACT (Consortium for Digital Arts, Culture and Technology), Simons Center for Geometry and Physics Auditorium, Stony Brook University
f(Glitch) – The Function of Glitch
Our perception of what is a “glitch” may depend on the history and on the purposes of our listening. Through accumulating deeper, focused listening experiences, and through examining and exploring our motivations for listening to specific musics and sounds, we may find that glitches come and go, their existence being dependent upon our interests as listeners. This presentation investigates several contrasting approaches to listening and illustrates ways in which specific glitches may appear and disappear within them.


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Listeners Are Observers and Musicians

13 July 2013
Invited Presentation Deep Listening to African Forest elephants, presented in collaboration with Katy Payne

And contributions as an invited panelist to Round Table: Hearing vs. Listening, Artistic and Scientific Perspectives, with Pauline Oliveros, Seth Horowitz, China Blue, Chris Chafe, and moderator Lance Brunner—————————————————————————————————————————————
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