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Erasing the Glitch

f(Glitch) – The Function of Glitch March 2014 cDACT, Stony Brook University Our perception of what is a “glitch” may depend on the history and on the purposes of our listening. Through accumulating deeper, focused listening experiences, and through examining … Continue reading

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Listeners are Observers and Musicians

Deep Listening: Art/Science July 2013 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY Deep Listening to African Forest elephants, presented in collaboration with Katy Payne, and contributions to a Round Table Discussion about Hearing vs. Listening, Artistic and Scientific Perspectives, with Pauline Oliveros, … Continue reading

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Animal Transcriptions

Listening to the Lab of Ornithology In March 2013′s Sounding Out!, ecopoet Jonathan Skinner converses with a number of us at the Lab of Ornithology who have worked with animal sounds. “Poetry might help us to use, study, and deploy … Continue reading

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Dawn’s Chorus

for Cheryl Gobbetti Hoffmann Leonardo Music Journal 22: Acoustics December 2012 Listen,  Read Made from animal sound recordings… —John Cage, 32 Mesostics re and not re Marcel Duchamp* the issue’s editor is composer Daniel J. Wolf of Material Press, who … Continue reading

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Chambers – for Alvin Lucier

Chambers and Alvin Lucier November 2011 “A patron listens to the sound of Arctic and New York Bight whales inside a Conch Shell from Bali, submitted by Ann Warde MA ’85 as part of the installation Chambers: In Honor of … Continue reading

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