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Interactive Sound Installation

October 4-7 Hidden Encounters

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Visual Music

The Line Theater (1984) is an analog, physical mechanism for making visual music. Made of a black fabric screen framed by wooden two-by-fours, with the help of hooks and other metal hardware, differently sized ropes and threads are manipulated, mostly … Continue reading

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Hidden Encounters – 24/25 July – Nicosia, Cyprus

An interactive sound installation exploring the voices of animals living in Cyprus, at the Meres Bookstore, 33 Pentadaktylou, 1016 Nicosia.  Special thanks to the people at this beautiful and insightful resource.              Read more

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VCCA 2018

As a composer, sound artist, and researcher, I’m interested in sounds we perceive as “inside” or “outside” performance, and in the ambiguities that may arise at boundaries between them. I’m  exploring this idea in a set of pieces for solo … Continue reading

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VCCA 2017

Last year at the VCCA, along with field recording in the Blue Mountains, an overnight autonomous recording (through an open window) unexpectedly captured coyote voices. And during preparation for a performance, just-audible links appeared between John Cage’s Sonatas 14 & … Continue reading

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Spaces of Animal Voices

In 2015-16 I worked at the Contemporary Music Research Centre, at the University of York (in the UK), investigating ways to listen to spatial interactions among animal sounds, and to how sound changes as it travels through air and water. … Continue reading

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Patrick Wood

Playing for Patrick November 2015 A Benefit Concert for the Pomfret School Patrick Wood Prize

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Dawn’s Chorus

for Cheryl Gobbetti Hoffmann Leonardo Music Journal 22: Acoustics December 2012 Listen,  Read Made from animal sound recordings… —John Cage, 32 Mesostics re and not re Marcel Duchamp* the issue’s editor is composer Daniel J. Wolf of Material Press, who … Continue reading

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Chambers – for Alvin Lucier

Chambers and Alvin Lucier November 2011 “A patron listens to the sound of Arctic and New York Bight whales inside a Conch Shell from Bali, submitted by Ann Warde MA ’85 as part of the installation Chambers: In Honor of … Continue reading

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