Dawn’s Chorus

for Cheryl Gobbetti Hoffmann

Leonardo Music Journal 22: Acoustics

December 2012



Made from animal sound recordings…

               a utility aMong


                     is theiR


                            thEy produce it mid-air

            to avoid coLliding.

—John Cage, 32 Mesostics re and not re Marcel Duchamp


* the issue’s editor is composer Daniel J. Wolf of Material Press, who is also an entertaining and enlightening Facebook friend…

* * * * * * * * * *

Ellen Fullman and Theresa Wong come to visit Ithaca in February. Ellen’s article is in Leonardo’s Acoustics issue also. I made some sonic images from her Long String Instrument…

Also, Angelin Chang performed Messiaen’s piano piece l’Alouette Lulu from Catalogue d’Oiseaux with some Raven spectrograms I made to visually illustrate connections between the structures of this bird’s vocalizations and structures of the piano composition.

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Chambers and Zilkha Gallery exhibition and photos

Chambers and Alvin Lucier

November 2011

“A patron listens to the sound of Arctic and New York Bight whales inside a Conch Shell from Bali, submitted by Ann Warde MA ’85 as part of the installation “Chambers: In Honor of Alvin Lucier, sound in large and small resonant environments” (1968). This new version of “Chambers” is a compilation of individual works, each submitted as a tribute to Lucier by his former students. Lucier himself contributed a thimble with audio of the Cologne Hauptbahnhof, a well-known component of his earlier “Chambers.” Ron Kuivila, professor of music, and a former student of Lucier, organized this installation.”    More

The recordings used in the Chambers installation were made by the Bioacoustics Research Program at Cornell University’s Lab of Ornithology.
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