Imagined Environments

For multiple instruments, movement, surround sound digital audio recordings

A collaborative composition, in 4 sections, characterized by improvisation based on specific animal sounds.

Realized with The Assembled, directed by Catherine Laws
University of York, UK  (16 June 2016)

The Assembled is an improvisational ensemble at the University of York, employing music and movement to realize collaborative performance works. An invitation by its leader and participant Catherine Laws led to a set of individual musical investigations of the sounds of animals personally selected by performers. Listening and discussion facilitated a structuring of four focused, interconnected improvisations:
I. Under the Water
II. In the Air
III. African Forest Elephants
IV. A Thunderstorm

Gaia Blandina
Adam Bonser
Barrington Brook
Charlotte Brook
Carmen Troncoso Caceres
Catherine Laws
Lynette Quek
Matthew Spalding
Ann Warde
James Whittle
James Wood

Funded as part of a US-UK Fulbright Scholar research award (2015-16)