Radically Different Perceptions (2016)

sound installation (digital audio media)

. . . many very low frequency, very long and slow sounds (with some faster sounds too)

Please listen with appropriate headphones or loudspeakers

Individual sounds are separated by silences

You might start this playing, and then go  do something else . . . and perhaps find yourself  surprised . . .

–> turn buttons on and off
to listen to different combinations of sounds

The sound files share sounds but are all different, and all are about 15 minutes long.
The sounds are made by a blue whale, African forest elephants, bearded seals, and a North American screech owl.

This installation was actively resonating in the Orpheus Institute building, Ghent, Belgium, for several days during February 2016. Thanks to Juan Parra Cancino for his expertise.

Presented during the Performance, Subjectivity and Experimentation in Artistic Research Symposium
Orpheus Institute, Ghent, Belgium