Hidden Encounters – Tone Deaf Kingston, Ontario

Short Excerpt From Hidden Encounters Installation at Isabel Bader Centre for the Arts, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Ann Warde: Hidden Encounters
Art and Media Lab at The Isabel
November 18-22, 10am-4pm
Reception Wednesday Nov. 20, 3-5pm

Hidden Encounters is an interactive sound installation that encompasses a variety of sound textures made by vocalizations of animals and subsequent alterations of those vocalizations. Some are short and sudden, while others are noticeable but barely audible, becoming perceptible only as time passes.A goal of the installation is to inspire listeners to question: what made that sound? Not only where is it coming from-which is somewhat ambiguously difficult to determine-but what sort of entity could make the sound? The installation also presents opportunities to explore and attempt communication: you move through the exhibition space, and as you come within range of hidden sensors you hear animal sounds that vary as if attempting to communicate with you, and your movement within the space seems to prompt and influence the alterations of the animal’s voice.