Chambers – for Alvin Lucier

Chambers and Alvin Lucier
“A patron listens to the sound of Arctic and New York Bight whales inside a Conch Shell from Bali, submitted by Ann Warde MA ’85 as part of the installation Chambers: In Honor of Alvin Lucier, sound in large and small resonant environments (1968). This new version of Chambers is a compilation of individual works, each submitted as a tribute to Lucier by his former students. Lucier himself contributed a thimble with audio of the Cologne Hauptbahnhof, a well-known component of his earlier Chambers. Ron Kuivila, professor of music, and a former student of Lucier, organized this installation.” The recordings used in this Chambers installation were made by the Bioacoustics Research Program at Cornell University’s Lab of Ornithology.
November 2011
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