Sound Installations

Three recent sound installations stem from a 2016 installation called Radically Different Perceptions, which included speakers distributed throughout the Orpheus Institute building, in Ghent, Belgium.

Each of these three distinct works is in itself a specific realization — a pause — within an ongoing exploration of interactive sound installation systems that probe and investigate encounters with animal vocalizations. The entire project, as well as each of its unique iterations listed below, is called Hidden Encounters.

2018: Hidden Encounters, Meres Bookstore, Nicosia, Cyprus, sponsored by the European University Cyprus Interfaces Project. Further interactive installation explorations took place at the Cyprus Wine Museum, during a second residency in summer, 2019.

2018: Hidden Encounters, The Global Composition Conference, Dieburg, Germany

2019: Hidden Encounters, Tone Deaf Kingston Festival, Isabel Bader Centre for the Arts, Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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